Spanish speaking Real Estate Litigation client – Frisco, CO

“Mr. Falcon help us, me and my wife, on a language contained in paragraph over party wall agreement and, because they do not understand, took us to court.”

Mr. Falcone responded to this review as follows: “Thank you for the review Oscar. I was glad to be there for you, when your neighbors sued you in District Court an effort to prevent you from putting an addition onto your home. They were relentless and believed strongly in their case. They tried to use all their financial resources to wear you out. After motions and a multi-day hearing with testimony from your architect and project manager we were able to overcome the testimony of the neighbors and the developer. Judge Romeo finally saw things our way, and in the end she ruled in your favor. I am very pleased with the results obtained for you in this real estate litigation matter involving the interpretation of restrictions contained in the Party Wall Agreement for your fourplex. Good luck to you in the completion of the project!”