“It was late march and I was driving home from Breckenridge in my Subaru outback. It was snowing and I was heading uphill towards keystone when a driver with no snow tires came into my lane after a switchback turn and crushed me head on. When I woke up all I could hear was the sound of the other drivers horn. I previously broke my neck 6 years before the head on collision so I was immediately scared of the possibilities of being paralyzed again. I noticed that my right arm was completely numb from nerve damage and my balance was a little off. I also started to have extremely severe head aches and neck pain. When I contacted the insurance companies to see what sort of help I would have for my injuries I was basically laughed at. I was lost and had no idea what to do. My body was failing me because of the ongoing injuries and I missed some substantial time at work. When the function in my right arm continued to decline and the swinging head aches persisted, I knew I was in big trouble. I had never hired a lawyer before and had no idea what to do. So I made a few calls and the insurance company finally got back to me and told me to NOT hire any help but refused to guide me, help me or give me advice. So I reached out to my Summit County family and friends to seek wisdom from someone that has been in my situation. Everyone was very helpful and gave me some names of Lawyers they had worked with in the past. I spoke with a few different Lawyers but no one was as helpful and understanding as Mr. Falcone. He spent countless hours making calls and working behind the scenes to fast track the help and care I needed. He was able to keep me safe from everyone that was trying to take advantage of my situation. CT scans, MRI, Physical therapy, pain management and a couple years of chiropractic and rehabilitation are just a few things that Bill was able to set up for me. Bill was also never out of reach. When I was scared ad unsure of my future and just needed someone to tell me what was going on in the process Bill was there for me. He always answered my phone calls or was able to call me back as soon as he received my message. Bill was so pleasant to work with I felt like he was a very good friend or family member as time went on. Bill saw me through the worst time of my life and was fantastic from start to finish. After everything was said and done Bill Falcone had become a good friend of mine. Bill was able to secure a very substantial amount of money for my pain and suffering and continued rehabilitation. He also paid off almost 3 years of medical bills and therapy that I needed from my neck injury about $30,000 dollars. I will always remember what Mr. Falcone was able to do for me and my future and he will remain my Lawyer for life. Thank you Bill!! “