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If you end up in a car accident, with any injuries, you want Bill Falcone as your attorney. My case was complex since I was in a car accident with multiple injuries. I contacted Bill because in prior year he had helped my husband with a traffic ticket case with desirable outcome. Bill was able to settle not only for my medical bills, loss of wages, future treatments, but also pain and suffering I endured due to adverse effects of the accident to my life style and daily activiets. He went above and beyond my expectations in bringing justice to my case. Not only is he an excellent attorney, smart and skillful, but also he is personable, caring, and pleasant to work with. He always answers his phone, responds to emails and message promptly, and gives you the support you need. He’s trustworthy and honest. When it comes to your case, he runs everything by you and keeps you in the loop of his progress, defense strategies and approach, and next steps in moving forward. He masters the English language and communication skills. I am beyond satisfied and grateful for having Bill as my attorney. I still cannot whipe the smile of joy and satisfaction off my face. He is truly the best!