Honer v. County of Monroe

Case Conclusion Date: June 2015

Practice Area: Personal Injury

Outcome: $6,525,000.00

Description: My client was a pedestrian on a sidewalk and was rendered a quadriplegic. A car driven by an under age driver went off the road in an urban area and struck a no parking sign which then broke free and flew in the air striking her in the back of the head. This case was very technical, but we were able to prove that the County improperly installed the sign resulting in it becoming a dangerous projectile. There were countless legal and factual issues and the case took years of litigation and appeals, but it was finally resolved in my clients favor. This result is my proudest accomplishment, and I consider it to be the culmination of my hard work and experience over the course of my career. Very few attorneys have a case like this on their resume.