Bazar v. Dean

Case Conclusion Date: November 2016

Practice Area: Personal Injury

Outcome: $16,500

Description: This was a small case, but certainly a Bazar case worth explaining. Initially, My client did not have an attorney, and the insurance company for the party who injured her in a car accident took advantage of her and convinced her to settle her claim for $1,500, plus a promise to make payment of her chiropractor’s bills in full. The only reason why she accepted the terribly small offer was that she felt it would get her chiropractor paid. Then, the insurance company did something improper. Without advising her, they told her chiropractor that his bills were unreasonable, that she had settled, and that he had to take a small percentage of his bills for providing the treatment that the injured party truly needed. The chiropractor would not agree to accept their offer, and the insurance company threatened to file a complaint against him to the State of Colorado. This was highly improper for a 3rd party insurance company to interfere with and jeopardize an injured party’s relationship with their medical provider. The injured party was still treating with the chiropractor, and he was ready to stop treating her due to non-payment of his bills by the insurance company. This is called “tortious interference” and it is highly improper in my opinion. The client came to me and not only did we get the chiropractor paid quickly, but we negated the previous settlement and obtained a new settlement of $16,500.